Marriage License

All of North Carolina’s 100 County Register of Deeds issue marriage licenses that can be used anywhere in the state.

The license can be used immediately upon issuance and is good for 60 days. The original license must he returned to the county where it was issued. You may apply in McDowell County between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.mMon-Fri. excluding holidays.

The requirements are as follows:


The Marriage License fee is $60.

There is no waiting period.

Blood tests or physicals are not required.

The marriage license is only valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

The license is valid in any county in North Carolina and but, needs to be returned to the Register of Deeds in the county which it was issued. Failure to do so subjects the person performing the ceremony to a $200.00 fine.

Both parties must appear before the Register of Deeds staff.

Both parties must present identification in the form of a current valid State driver’s license or a current valid State picture I.D., or current valid passport, or current valid Military I.D.

(Call if needing to discuss marriages in lieu of personal appearance marriages).

Both parties must be 18 years of age. Please call for underage marriage requirements. The phone number is (828)652-4727.

Both parties must provide social security numbers.  Applicants that are not eligible for a Social Security number may complete an Affidavit attesting to this Fact.

If either party has been married before, please know the month and year of how the last marriage ended.  If divorced or death has occurred within in the last 60 days of this marriage, you must provide a copy of the divorce papers or death certificate.

Marriages may be performed by an ordained minister of any religious denomination, a Minister authorized by a church. Any federal or state recognized Indian Nation or tribe, or any person authorized to solemnize a marriage under the laws of this state, such as a Magistrate.

If you cannot speak English, please bring an interrupter with you that is not a blood relative who can speak English.

You may submit an online marriage application on this site prior to coming into the office, this will cut down time of issuance.