Fee Schedule

Instruments in General:

  • First 1-15 pages – $26
  • Each additional page – $4

Deeds of Trusts and Mortgages

  • First 1-35 pages – $64
  • Each additional page or fraction – $4

Additional Subsequent Instrument

G.S. 161-10(a)(1) For any instrument that assigns more than one security instrument as defined in G.S. 45-36.4(18) by reference to previously recorded instrument recording data that are required to be indexed pursuant to G.S. 161-14(b), the fee shall be an additional $10 for each additional indexing reference in an assignment.

Nonstandard Document

For registering or filing any document not in compliance with the recording standards adopted under G.S/ 161-14(b), the fee is $25, in addition to all other applicable recording fees.

Multiple Instrument in One Document

A document consists of multiple instruments when it contains 2 or more instruments with different legal consequences or intent, each of which is separately executed and acknowledged and could be recorded alone. G.S. 161-10(a)(1) – $10 for each additional instrument.


Note: Register is not required to index any multiple instrument whose title doesn’t appear on the first page of the document.


No fee

State Excise Tax on Real Estate Conveyances

  • $2 per thousand
  • $1 up to five hundred

Uniform Commercial Code

Effective 7-1-2001: Original financing statements and amendments whose collateral includes goods that are or are to become fixtures, timber to be cut or as-extracted collateral should be filed in the local office. Local filing fees for initial financing statements, correction statements, and all amendments, including terminations:

  • One or two pages $38
  • Three to ten pages $45
  • Over ten pages $45 plus $2 per additional page over ten pages


  • Each original or revised plat recorded $21 per sheet or page
  • Certified copy $5 per page
  • Uncertified copy (18” x 24” or larger) $3 per page

Highway Right of Way Plans

  • Each original or amended plan and profile sheet $21 for the first page
  • Each additional page $5
  • Certified copy $5

Copies of Land Records

  • Certified copy of land records (unless statute otherwise provides) $5 for the first page
  • Each additional page $2
  • Uncertified copy of land records $.35 cents per page

Marriage Records

  • License $60 (includes $35 state fee)
  • Certified copy $10

McDowell County Birth and Death Records

  • Birth certificate, certified copy $10
  • Uncertified birth certificate $.35 cents per page
  • Death certificate, certified copy $10
  • Uncertified death certificate $.35 cents per page

Other NC Birth Certificates

  • Out of county NC certified birth certificate $24 (only after 1971 where no name changes have been made to certificate)

Military Service Record

  • Filing and recording discharge – no fee
  • Certified copy to the Veteran – no fee

Notary Public

  • Notary oath $10